Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Blessings!

We got to finally bless Tayden and Cole Sunday! It was a great day! We want to thank all our family and friends who came to support us! We are so blessed that we have so many people around that love us! I hope everyone got to come taste all the desserts we had! It was a lot of work, but it was SOOO yummy and worth it! Thanks to everyone that brought something helped a ton!

It was fun because we blessed Tayden and Cole! So we had so many people there. We were lucky enough to be able to do this at my parents house so we could do them both without people having to come twice...or miss one! I thought it was great to have all the Hammons there too! They are some of the greatest people I know, they have just welcomed my family into we ALL married Chad!

Jerry did a great job...he never fails to impress me! What impressed me the most was how prepared and ready he was. He was calm and collected! He does so well speaking in front of groups of people! I love him SO much! I am SO lucky to have him as my husband!

I cant' believe how BIG Tayden has already gotten! I miss his teeny-tininess...but I am LOVING him growing! He is getting SO much personality! He smiles so big all the time...I'm not going to lie...he LOVES me! I still LOVE being a mom! I am so blessed and So lucky! He sleeps really does his dad! If I didn't tell Jerry, he'd think Tayden slept ALL night...he usually has NO idea I get up with him (which is usually only once).

I hope you are all loving life as much as I do! Just remember to stay positive and not let the little things eat at you! It's really not worth it!

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