Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our first family photos!

Today was a GREAT day! I guess this whole weekend has been great! We rented a lens that Jerry is trying to convince me to buy...and after this weekend I am ALMOST convinced....ALMOST, Jer, not 100%! If it cost 1/4th of what it does I would be SOLD! Haha!

Well, we did get some amazing pictures! And the lens was definitely a huge part in the look of the pictures!

Not only did we take our first family photos this week, Jerry started his rotations for his 3rd year in med school! He is doing internal medicine and loving it! He is on call every 4 days, meaning he works for 30 hours straight! THe worst part about it...Jerry is used to getting 8 hours of sleep a night, and this is not happening! If he gets a little grumpy or short with you...I apologize on his behalf! :)

I also went back to work this week! It has been very emotional for me to leave my little guy! So if I am grumpy or short with you, I apologize! Haha! We are just a bundle of joy at our house...the only thing keeping us sane is our BUNDLE of JOY!!

We are loving life and all it's craziness!

To view the rest of our family photos, click here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I love my little son!

This is the first post I've ever put up on here and I'm so excited! Tayden will be 1 month old next Tuesday, can you believe it? Feels like only yesterday that we were in the hospital waiting for him to arrive into this world. He is such a joy, I look forward to going home everyday so that I can be with him and Mindee (and Bentley, of course!). My favorite thing about him are his amazing facial expressions, from the Zoolander "Blue Steel" to Grumpy old men crusty faces, they are all incredible. Yesterday, I was giving him kisses and he BURPED in my mouth! Sounds gross, but I kinda thought it was hilarious. So weird what you're willing to put up with when its your own child. Mindee and I are having so much fun with him, and we look forward to raising him up in our family. Now, back to research...