Thursday, April 16, 2009

So SAD!!

So, I have been really thinking about my blog lately, and how my New Years resolution was to update it regularly...and this is my first update since then! In fact it's almost been 6 months. Then as I signed in today, I noticed a little thing that said I have been on Blogspot since April 2008, and I think I have made like 3 posts! SO SAD!

I think part of the reason I have been even thinking of blogging is because it's part of my nesting! Haha! I really think it's because I just want to be home! It's hard working 6 days a week every week for 6 plus years! I don't know how my dad has done it all my life...I feel for him! I'm tired! Although that will all end this summer and I'm sure there will be days that I would rather be at work! But I am READY for that challenge!


Jillian said...
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Mary Ertel said...

Minds... you are so cute!